Kleva Cut Master Series Cleaver Knife

The Kleva Cut Master Series Cleaver Knife is 18cm long. The meat cleaver is our ideal knife to cut through meat joints and bones. The Kleva Cut Cleaver Knife is the strongest knife you can have in your kitchen. Our Kleva Cut Master Series Cleaver Knife comes with an ideal weight behind it to give it the strength to cut through those tough joints and bones. The Cleaver knife is made of Vamolcrium steel and the edge of the knife is MRE sharpened.

With its 8.5cm high blade and razor sharp blade, the Kleva Cut Cleaver Knife can easily chop through what it needs to with minimal effort. It is suitable for cutting through thick-skinned meats and fruits such as pumpkin. With the Kleva Cut Master Series Cleaver Knife, you can use it to prepare big cuts of meat for the whole family.

How is the Kleva Cut Cleaver knife made?

Each of our knives, including the Kleva Cut Master Series Cleaver Knife is all made from the one piece of stainless steel that has been manufactured with Vamolcrium steel that includes components of Molybdenum, Vanadium, Chromium and Carbon. The elements included in making the vanadium steel make it stain resistant, so it will always stand out in any kitchen.

Even with its size, the Kleva Cut Cleaver is beautifully design in a sleek and stylish manner making it the centre point of any kitchen worktop that is preparing and chopping away at food.

Every one of our Kleva Cut Knives is marked with our very own Genuine Kleva Quality Logo. This gives you the confidence to know that these are the original Kleva knives. Each product that has the Genuine Kleva Quality logo has been backed with a manufacturers warranty and has gone through stringent quality assurance tests to live up to our high standards and give you the best possible product.

Keep your knife sharp

The Cleaver knife, as well as the rest of the Kleva Cut Master Series knives, is all MRE Sharpened. This is a very high quality of sharpening technique that gives the blade a steeper, more acute edge. This ensures that you get better sharpening results for years to come giving you a sharper knife for longer.

Kleva Range has various knife sharpeners that will give your knife more life and, as an added bonus, will not take up much space in the kitchen.

To purchase this quality knife, please visit the Kleva Cut Master Series Cleaver Knife page.