Vamolcrium Steel

Vamolcrium steel is exclusive to the Kleva Range. Vamolcrium steel includes elements of Carbon, Molybdenum and Vanadium. This unique combination of elements creates an alloy allowing for greater strength, toughness and durability.

Vamolcrium Steel is 100% recyclable, so it is great for the environment when you feel that you need to invest in a new knife. The elements that create Vamolcrium steel have their own benefits, which make our Kleva knives the best they can be.

  • Carbon (C) – increases edge retention, increases tensile strength and hardness.
    There are three forms of Carbon; amorphous, graphite and diamond. Graphite is one of the softest materials known. It can occur naturally, however most commercial graphite is man-made. In its form known as coke, graphite is used in the production of steel in large amounts. Fun fact, the black material used in pencils is actually graphite.
  • Molybdenum (MO) – increases strength, hardness and resistance to corrosion.
    When the Molybdenum element is added to steel in concentrations between 0.25% and 8%, it forms very high strange steels. Molybdenum also improves the strength of steel at extra high temperatures.
  • Vanadium (VA) – increases in strength and toughness and is wear resistance.
    Vanadium is corrosion resistant. Almost 80% of Vanadium that is produced is used as an additive to steel or used to make Ferrovanadium. Ferrovanadium and vanadium steel can be used to make cutting tools as well as other things.

Vamolcrium steel also includes the element Chromium. When Chromium is used to make stainless steel, it is used to harden the steel and allows it to resist corrosion, allowing our knives to last much longer in a prime condition. Plating is the most common use of Chromium and produces a hard, shiny surface.

So not only do these elements make the Kleva Cut Master Series incredibly tough, but the elements in the Vamolcrium steel means that the Kleva knives will last for longer. The toughness and durability of Vamolcrium steel means that the edge holds its sharpness for a longer time, however keeps them soft enough that they are easier to sharpen.