The Kleva Cut Master Series: The Complete Collection

We offer a variety of collections to suit your all of your needs at a cost that is very reasonable with great quality for money.

Why should you choose Kleva Cut?

Good knives are hard to come by, but with our Kleva Cut Master Series Collection, good knives are knocking right at your door for fantastic prices. Ranging from a paring knife to a cleaver, we have it all.

All of our knives are made from the one piece of Vamolcrium steel. This unique blend of metals in 1 complete piece gives many benefits that you may not find with standard kitchen knives. Many benefits include resistance to corrosion, extra strength and durability and a longer lasting blade which is less likely to chip.

What knife set should I go for?

People love the quality of our knives so much that they keep coming back for more. We have many knives to choose from and a range of sets which are great value for money.

We can’t tell you which knife set to go for, however we can tell you that you will be pleased with whatever you choose, as all of our knives have a great quality behind them. The only disappointment you may feel is if you didn’t go for our 10piece set and want to complete your collection.

Many opt for the 10-piece knife set as it gives them every knife in our collection. This means that they have a knife for every food and cuisine. With our 10-piece knife collection you will never be without that much-needed knife to get the finest of cuts for your family meal.

But don’t let us make the decision for you, browse the rest of World’s Best Knife to see more information about each of our knives individually or see what our collections we have to offer. Better yet, read our reviews on our Kleva page and you will see how well they perform.

Do you get anything else with the Collections?

Some of our collections come with various knife accessories, you can also head over to Kleva Range to see our latest TV specials which come with a variety of free gifts. Everything excluding the 4-piece speciality knife set and the 4-piece steak knife set come with a knife satchel which is perfect for storing your knives in the kitchen or on the go if you have to travel with your knives.

The 10-piece knife set is our complete collection, which comes with all 10 of our preparation knives, Knife Satchel, Universal Knife Block and our Kleva Sharp Pro knife sharpener. What better way to store and show off your collection than with our Universal Knife Block, complete a tablet or recipe book holder.

What else can you get to complete your collection?

As well as the Universal Knife Block, you can also purchase our Kleva Cut Bamboo Magnetic Knife Block. This will make your kitchen stand out and beautifully display your Kleva Cut knives on the Bamboo backdrop.

Finish off your collection with one of our fantastic sharpeners. We have our Kleva Sharp, the original sharpener which created the Kleva brand you see today. The Kleva Sharp Pro and Platinum which come complete with a honing blade. Finally we have the Kleva Sharp Duo which has the sharpening blade and a ceramic sharpening wheel to give you a nice finish to your newly sharpened blade.