Kleva Cut Master Series Paring Knife

The Kleva Cut Master Series Paring Knife is 9cm long. Our Kleva Cut Paring knife is a great all-purpose knife. It is very similar to a chef’s knife, however it is smaller and more manoeuvrable. The slightly curved blade gives you complete control to make precision tasks faster and easier. The Paring knife is made of Vamolcrium steel and the edge of the knife is MRE sharpened.

Unlike its big brother, the chef’s knife, the Kleva Cut paring knife has a sharp, agile blade that can easily allow you to fit it into tight corners and can handle tight curves when you are peeling and paring food and produce.

The qualities that have been established above of the paring knife become more important than the weight and balance of the knife as it is made for a specific purpose; to get into those tight spaces that other knives may not be able to.

How is the Kleva Cut Paring knife made?

The Kleva Cut paring knife is made with one piece of Vamolcrium steel. It is all stainless steel. Vamolcrium is made up of various elements including Carbon, Chromium, Vanadium, and Molybdenum. Vamolcrium is 100% recyclable so when it comes time to replace your paring knife many years from now, you can be sure it is not harmful to the environment.

With only a 9cm blade length, the paring knife is small but powerful and extremely versatile as it can be used for a variety of ways for chopping, peeling and slicing. The paring knife, due to its versatility, is one of the most frequently used knives in a chef’s kitchen.

The Kleva Cut Paring Knife is designed in a sleek and stylish manner that is bound to make any kitchen looking smart and ergonomic. Small and compact, Kleva’s paring knife is the ideal peeling companion to have in your arsenal of kitchen utensils.

Each one of our Kleva Cut Knives is marked with our very own Genuine Kleva Quality Logo. This gives you the confidence to know that these are the original Kleva knives. Each product that has the Genuine Kleva Quality logo has been backed with a manufacturers warranty and has gone through stringent quality assurance tests to live up to our high standards and give you the best possible product.

Keep your knife sharp

The Paring knife, as well as the rest of the Kleva Cut Master Series knives, is MRE Sharpened. This is a very high quality sharpening technique that gives the blade a steeper, more acute edge. This ensures that you get better sharpening results for years to come giving you a sharper knife for longer.

Kleva Range has various knife sharpeners that will give your knife more life and, as an added bonus, will not take up much space in the kitchen.

To purchase this quality knife, please visit the Kleva Cut Master Series Paring Knife page.