Kleva Cut Master Series Santoku Knife

The Kleva Cut Master Series Santoku Knife is 18cm long and is made from Vamolcrium steel. The Santoku Knife first originated in Japan and is the Japanese version of the Chef Knife. The full name of the Santoku Knife is Santoku Bocho, which means “Three Virtues”. This is in reference to the knife’s three main purposes, which are: slicing, dicing and mincing.

Due to its multipurpose features, the Kleva Cut Santoku Knife is great for doing many jobs around the kitchen. A Santoku knife is generally more popular for women, and people with small hands.

The standout feature of the Kleva Cut Santoku Knife is its Granton edges. This is a scalloped pattern that is embossed into the blade that puts air between the blade and the food, making it easier to release thin and sticky slices of food after slicing.

How is the Kleva Cut Santoku knife made?

Our Kleva Cut Master Series Santoku knife is made from one piece of metal, from the handle to the blade. This makes it easier for cleaning the knife as it reduces the amount of food and other dirt getting trapped at the bottom of the blade. We are so proud of our knives and the quality of them that we offer a 10-year guarantee on them. So if they become damaged or worn to the point that they can’t be used, we replace them.

The design of the Kleva Cut Santoku knife makes it a well-balanced knife, which is done by matching the blade’s width/height to the weight of the blade tang and handle. The Santoku design allows for more of a chopping motion rather than a rocking motion giving your food cleaner and more precise cuts.

All of our knives are marked with the Genuine Kleva Quality logo, which lets you know that these are the original knives. Each product that has this logo has been backed with a manufacturers warranty and has gone through stringent quality assurance tests to live up to our high standards and give you the best possible product.

Keep your knife sharp

The Santoku knife, as well as the rest of the Kleva Cut Master Series knives, is MRE Sharpened. This is a very high quality of sharpening technique that gives the blade a steeper, more acute edge. This ensures that you get better sharpening results for years to come giving you a sharper knife for longer.

Kleva Range has various knife sharpeners that will give your knife more life and, as an added bonus, will not take up much space in the kitchen.

To purchase this quality knife, please visit the Kleva Cut Master Series Santoku Knife page.