Kleva Cut Master Series Damascus Knife
4 piece Set

Introducing Kleva Cut Master Series limited edition Damascus Knife Set. This premium quality, professional knife set includes a Chef knife, Slicer knife, Utility knife and Paring knife. Each knife has been ingeniously crafted with sixty-seven layers of steel resulting in a gorgeous ripple pattern finish that oozes quality. 

The razor-sharp edge combined with incredible toughness, shatter resistance and durability makes these knives an essential part of any kitchen. The dark mahogany handle and beautiful display box adds a touch of class to this must have limited edition set.

The Damascus Knife Set is the crown jewel of the Kleva Cut Master Series, due to its premium quality, aesthetically pleasing design and remarkable product history.  

How is the Kleva Cut Damascus Knife Made?

The process behind making a Damascus knife has been around for thousands of years and the original process as it has been passed through generations. Modern techniques imitate the ancient methods to replicate the stunning Damascus steel look.

Making Damascus steel blades is a complex step-by-step progression process, yet requires extreme care and meticulousness. Therefore, the process is completed by industry professionals with years of experience. The process is very time-consuming but necessary to ensure the development of an effective, well balanced blade that has its own unique look. 

Each knife in the set has been made by taking sixty-seven layers of metal, folding them together and bonding them by forge welding. This gives each blade their unique Damascus steel look, whilst giving the blade the hard and flexible properties to ensure any cutting, slicing or dicing is done with a razor-sharp edge. 

Each one of our Kleva Cut Knives is marked with our very own Genuine Kleva quality logo. This gives you the confidence to know that these are the original Kleva knives. Each product that has the Genuine Kleva Quality logo has been backed with a manufacturer’s warranty and has gone through stringent quality assurance tests to live up to our high standards and give you the best possible product.

Mysterious Damascus Steel History

The attractive and mysterious Damascus steel has captured the imagination of countless people over the centuries. The word ‘Damascus’ is believed to go back to India around 300-500 B.C. and refers to an earlier style of craftsmanship. Near that time the Arab culture introduced Wootz steel to the Syrian city of Damascus where the material led to a thriving industry in weaponry. This ultimately led to the name ‘Damascus steel’. The Damascus steel industry thrived until approximately 1700 AD but possibly due depleted resources the process was lost. The technology was lost roughly until World War II and around the 1970’s re-gained mainstream popularity which has led to the booming industry it is today. The exact composition of original Damascus steel is unknown today, as no records have been found describing this. Yet Damascus steel lives on and continues to thrive today, where it still remains an iconic example of culinary excellence.