Why should you store your knives?

Having your kitchen knives stored properly is one thing people often overlook in the kitchen at home. The way you store your knives can greatly determine how long they will last and how they will perform in the long term.

Most people are never taught how to store their knives for the upmost sharpness and safety. Storing your knives safely with ease of access is what you require in the kitchen. If you don’t store them correctly, your knives will become dull sooner rather than later. An as ever, a dull knife is dangerous!

There are many options to store your knives properly and securely. We here at the Kleva Range offer most of these options such as our Universal Knife Block, Magnetic Bamboo Knife Block, and our Knife Satchel. These various forms of storing your knives will assist in the longevity of your knives, keeping them sharp, pristine and always available when you need them. Read on to find out all about the various forms of storage we offer for your kitchen knives.

What options for storing my knives do I have?

Universal Knife Block

The Kleva Range Universal Knife Block is a sleek design that will look good in any kitchen. It even has a built-in tablet holder so you don’t have to miss your favourite shows while cooking. Or better yet, don’t risk distracting yourself and put a new recipe on your tablet, or use it as a cook book stand and cook something new for yourself or the family.

Our Universal Knife Block is made from the strongest of plastics, so it is extremely sturdy for all those knives. Where you place your knives, it has hundreds of thin finger-like plastic inserts that allow you to store your knives anywhere in the block, in any direction. The plastic insert also comes out so you can keep your knife block clean and germ free, meaning your knives can last longer. Wooden knife blocks may become waterlogged over time, or dull your knives as they scrape on the wood while being inserted into place. This method will eventually become unsanitary causing germs and your knives will become dull and damaged.

Bamboo Magnetic Knife Block

Kleva Range’s Bamboo Magnetic Knife Block gives you that all natural look in your kitchen, without the worry of your knives scraping or becoming damaged. It is a very sleek design with a pull-out stand at the back. This allows you to display your beautiful (hopefully Kleva Cut) knives anywhere in your kitchen.

Bamboo wood is considered as eco-friendly, in fact, is actually considered one of the eco-friendliest materials in the world, especially in comparison to wood. To make bamboo wood for your kitchen and home, the material is steamed to make it more malleable, which removes concerns about chemicals being used as they would normally appear in bamboo flooring and fabrics.

Our gorgeous Bamboo Magnetic Knife Block allows quick and easy access to the knives you need most when cooking that perfect meal, keeping your knives damage free and allows them to keep their edge.

Having a magnetic block or rack to store your knives means that they are safely secured and avoid the risk of getting dinged up when putting them into other knife blocks. Having full tang knives (such as our Kleva Cut Master Series Knives) mean that they can withstand the magnetic pressure and won’t reduce the stability of the knife blade over time. There is a reason chefs in professional kitchens use a magnetic strip to store their knives! And now you can have your very own stylish counterpart in your home.

Knife Satchel

Another way to keep your knives secure is our knife satchel. This is a great way to store your knives, especially if you are on the move with your knives a lot. This is a choice most chef’s use. This keeps them properly stored away and kept safe without damaging the knives. Our Kleva Cut Master Series knife satchel contains slots for 5 different knives, so you can always keep your favourite knives ready to take with you, no matter where you go.

Anything else?

Any of the methods listed above are better options than storing your knives loosely in a drawer. Storing them like that can cause damage to the blade and handle of the knife, chipping away at the blade and handle and dulling the blade. It can also be extremely dangerous reaching into a drawer with various knives sticking up and cramped. We recommend not storing your knives loosely in a drawer if you can avoid it. Any of our knife storage options are great choices for your knives!

Remember to always clean your knives immediately after use and before storing them away to maintain their optimum sharpness, look and quality.