Kleva Cut Master Series Steak Knife

The Kleva Cut Master Series Steak Knives (12cm) are the latest edition to the Kleva Cut Master Series range.
Not only can these be used for steaks, but for any cut of meat that you have prepared using your own Kleva Cut Master Series Knives.

This fantastic four-piece set is perfect for hosting or a family dinner. With their premium design, they also make a fantastic gift friends and family members.

Steak Knives have been around since the middle of the 20th century and were originally gifted as a letter opener from Maryland machinist, Paul Culver to businessman Charles D Briddell Jnr, who thought it would be better used as a dining table utensil and alas, the steak knife was born.

How are the Kleva Cut Steak Knives made?

The Kleva Cut Steak Knives are made out of stainless steel. This has many advantages such as a stronger blade, resistance to chipping, corrosion and staining. They are also a lot tougher and more durable than standard kitchen knives. With their razor sharp, serrated-edged blade, the Kleva Cut Steak Knives easily cut through even the thickest cut of meat, without ripping or tearing.

The Steak Knives follow the same design as the other knives in the Kleva Cut Master Series range and are made using one piece of stainless steel in a sleek, stylish design. By creating the knives from one piece of steel, it prevents bits of food and dirt from being trapped between the handle and the blade, keeping it clean and germ free.

The ergonomic handle has been carefully crafted to provide a comfortable and secure hold. The slight curve allows the Steak Knives to sit perfectly into your hand, preventing aches and strains which may be caused by using an ordinary kitchen knife. The lightweight design of the Steak Knives allows complete control and ease of cutting, making it an effortless task with a delicious outcome.

Built to last, the Kleva Cut Steak Knives should last you for years to come, especially if purchased with one of our fantastic sharpeners. However, if for some reason they do break, bend, chip or rust, we offer a 10-year warranty on all our knives and will replace them free of charge within this period.

Keep your knife sharp

Like the rest of the Kleva Cut Master Series knives, the Kleva Cut Master Series Steak Knives are all MRE Sharpened. This is a high quality sharpening technique that gives the blade a steeper, more acute edge. This ensures that you get better sharpening results for years to come giving you a sharper knife for longer.

Kleva Range has various knife sharpeners that will give your knife more life and, as an added bonus, will not take up much space in the kitchen.

To purchase this quality knife set, please visit the Kleva Cut Master Series 4pc Steak Knives page.